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Questions about your order? Where is my Jewelbot? When Will it arrive? Go ahead and ask us here.



I haven’t yet received notification that my Jewelbots have shipped – do I go to Kickstarter to find out the status?

Thank you!



same question as Anne


@aa25721 @sherri
Hi !
Has your Jewelbots still not arrived to you? That may be due to the recent holidays or your location. All Jewelbots should have been shipped out.

If you have not received them yet, please email hi@Jewelbots.com with your name, so we can look into it for you!


Received!!! Thank you. Even though my daughter knows about it, she doesn’t know it’s arrived – figuring out how to program it will be our winter break fun :grin:



That sounds awesome! Can’t wait to see what you do with your Jewelbots!
Don’t forget to send awesome photos! We’d love to see them :smiley:


Hi, I originally pledged for 2 jewelbots in July 2015, and ordered an additional single jewelbot in May 2016, but have not received anything yet, is this because I’m in the UK and it’s such a long way away ?



Yes! International orders are taking a bit more time to be delivered. All of them have shipped, but travel time for the package does take longer.

If you email hi@jewelbots.com, I can send you the tracking number :slight_smile:


Hello, I haven´t received my 2 jewelbots yet. As @paulbarrat, I also asked for them in July 2015 via Kickstarter and confirmed my address last year. Can you help me?



Hi! Thank you for reaching out. I am so sorry that you haven’t received your Jewelbots yet!
Can you please email hi@jewelbots.com to let us know more information so that we can help you solve this issue.
I hope that we can figure this out together :slight_smile: