Ambassador Details?


Hey guys, I just got the email saying I am an ambassador. Does anyone know any details about this? Also, do ambassadors receive free Jewelbots? Can’t wait to start programming! @dimast


Hi !

We are launching the ambassador program this month! This being said, we have opened up our forums for official sign up to become a Jewelbot Ambassador!

Being apart of this program involves getting a monthly zine and opportunities for free awesome Jewelbots swag merch!!

Although an ambassador, we cannot give free Jewelbots out that easily. However, we do provide opportunities where you can get one!! More details on this will be available very soon!


Same question!


Thank you Quymbee! Can you buy the Jewelbots at stores?


This is so cool! Thank you!


Yes! If you go to you can purchse them now! :smiley: