Ambassador packs?


I’ve been reading some things in the chitchat category about ambassador packs? May I ask what that might be? And do I get one? If not I won’t at all be mad I’m just curious about it. :thinking:


They should send you one. It may just be in the mail. I know they take a while to get to where I am but I’m not sure how close you are to NY.


We will shoot you one this week!


Not close at all, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:I live in Iowa


Wow! Awesome!!! Thank you!


I signed up my daughter a while ago but never received an Ambassador pack. Should I sign her up again?


Hi Gale! Is your daughter’s address under your login? If so we will send her one too!


Hi, yes, i just checked - the mailing address in the login is correct. Thanks so much, she’s so excited!


Got it today!!! Yay! Thanks so much, loved the finger nail decals but advice for the future maybe make them out of thin clear plastic minus the paper or as stickers being as I did not want to stick my freshly painted nails in water so I had to wait for that hand to completely dry first but I think that they are so pretty! :nail_care:t3::+1:t3:


So great! Looks awesome.

I actually had hoped the nail stickers would be more like stickers? We really didn’t know what to expect when we ordered them but now we do. When we get them again we will likely try another company.

Looks great, though. Glad you like them!


No worries just trying to be helpful! But yes I love them they are so pretty!


I also have not gotten mine! Is there a set time for when they are being sent out? Thanks


Did you just sign up? Or have you been one for a while? Maybe you don’t have your address attached to your account. Or perhaps you signed up at a time when lots of other ambassadors did and just got missed, it happens.


Ok thanks!:smile:


Hmm well I guess make a Topic and politely ask?


I will do that now!


Ok hope I could help! :blush:


Oh and depending on where you live it took a week for the package to arrive for me in Iowa but not sure where you live so probably will be different


Thanks I am out here in cali!:rainbow::sunny:


How long does it usually take to get to washington