Arduino Library Update: New Custom Buzzer Function!


This function creates a custom buzz!
Go update your Arduino Library now!
NEW functions available!

If you want these new functions GO UPDATE!


Now there’s a new buzzer function that allows you to change the amplitude and the duration of the buzz! It can be seen in our buzzer documentation here on the forums and on our Github. The function is also otherwise shared below too!

  Buzzer buzz;
  buzz.custom_buzz(uint8_t amplitude, uint32_t milliseconds); 

Amplitude is a measure of how strong the motor vibrates.
Amplitude can be from 0 (no buzz) to 127 (max buzz).
Jewelbots typically buzz right in the middle at an amplitude of 63

Milliseconds is how long the motor will vibrate.
Millisecond is measured in, you guessed it, milliseconds.
40 ms is the minimum allowed and 2 s (2000 ms) is the max for longevity.

Many of you want to be able to control the amount of time the Jewelbot can buzz for. However, not only can you control how long the Jewelbot can buzz for, but also how strong its buzz is!! Hope this new function makes its way into your creative code! Definitely post your program if you use it!

Updating your Arduino Library again after the first time is slightly different from the original steps you followed from the first time. Look how to do it here.

  1. From the Tools menu, scroll over “Board:” and then select “Boards Manager”.
  2. Type in “j” in the “Filter your search” box to quickly find the Jewelbots Boards.
  3. Click anywhere in the box for “Jewelbots Arduino Library” to display the “Update” button.
  4. Click the “Update” button to update the board to the most recent version.

You will have to do this every time you want to update your Arduino Library again. It is super important to update your Arduino Library! It makes sure you have the most recent features available!



lemme go update now


Thank you for re-including the Update instructions. One suggestion, might be to include the Update Version - is this one 1.0.2? Just so everyone can double check they have the most recent version. Thanks again!


That makes a lot of sense!

Yes, it is 1.0.2 as the version. I will definitely add the version to it in the next update to help others!

Thank you for your advice :heart:


Thanks so much for making this into JewelBots!