Arduino Library Update: New Timer Function and Improved LED methods


Go update your Arduino Library now!
NEW functions available!

If you want these new functions GO UPDATE!


  • led.on() function is now no longer in existence.
  • Use led.turn_on(). Check all the new LED stuff here.
  • Names of functions are all changed.
  • turnOn() --> turn_on_single() and turn_on_all()
  • turnOff() --> turn_off_single() and turn_off_all()
  • flash() --> flash_single() and flash_all()
  • breathe_single_color(“color”) is now breathe_single_color(COLOR)
  • Meaning the colors have to be capitalized without quotes in order to work. Check it out here.


You can now have a delay between LED functions and animations with the Timer class. Check it out here.

The function names were changed to make things easier to read and understand while also standardizing the format of how they are.

The Timer function was added so you can add delays between LED methods and have your lights show up for some time before having another function take place.

Updating your firmware again after the first time is slightly different from the original steps you followed from the first time. Look how to do it here.

  1. From the Tools menu, scroll over “Board:” and then select “Boards Manager”.
  2. Type in “j” in the “Filter your search” box to quickly find the Jewelbots Boards.
  3. Click anywhere in the box for “Jewelbots Arduino Library” to display the “Remove” button.
  4. Click “yes” to remove the board.
  5. Click anywhere in the box "Jewelbots Arduino Library"to display the “Install” button again.
  6. Click “yes” to install the board.
  7. Continue to “step 2 part f” of the “How to code your Jewelbot?”.
    You will have to do this every time you want to update your Arduino Library again. It is super important to update your Arduino Library! It makes sure you have the most recent features available!


Hooray! Just yesterday I was wishing there was a way to make a delay between two things in Jewelbot code, and then I saw this! I’ve already put it to good use.



THATS AWESOME!! :smiley:
We will continue to make lots of updates as we go along so that we can make more functions for users like you to use!

Definitely let us know if you come up with any ideas for us to help make!