Asia Lee Campbell from Korea


Hi my name is Asia Lee Campbell, I am Korean Canadian and I live in South Korea. I love to sing, dance, play the piano, violin and I just started learning guitar. Also, I love to draw and make slime! I don’t have any brothers sisters but I do have a dog named Nike!
Another one of my passions is to help Korean War Veterans. I spend a lot of time writing letters and attending special events for war veterans. My goal is to make sure no one forgets these brave men who make huge sacrifices so I could grow up in this wonderful country!



Hello Asia! My name is Kora! I play the piano too! That is so cool that you live in south Korea! I have never been there but I hope to someday! Any way, welcome!!! :smiley:


Hello Alisa! I know guitar, violin, and piano, to! I love your hobbies, and do a lot of them to!


Hi Asia! Welcome! You should talk to @Quymbee about slime, she loves it too.

What a cool thing that you help veterans, thanks for all you’re doing!


Hello Asia!!!