Battery and Charging FAQs


How do I charge my Jewelbot?
Turn on your Jewelbot. Lift charm up vertically while twisting slightly. Then plug micro USB into the available port on the Jewelbot. Afterwards, plug the USB on the other side of the cable into a power source.

How long should I charge my Jewelbot?
Approximately 2-4 hours if fully drained of battery.

How long does the battery last before I have to charge it again?
The Jewelbot can last about 10 hours if constantly on and in use before being charged again.

How will I know if my Jewelbot is charging or not?
Your Jewelbot has to be turned on when charging. When properly charged, the Jewelbot will have a red light on.

How will I know if my Jewelbot is done charging?
When fully charged, the Jewelbot will have a green light when the battery is full.


My Jewelbots are lasting 7 hours or less. I fully charged them and noticed at the 7 hour mark they were already off. I don’t know at what point they stopped working, but will try again and report back. The two were in constant "friend recognizing/lit up " mode, sitting side by side, but no button pressing or buzzing during the 7 hours.


Recharged them all night last night. Today, unplugged from the USB, one lasted just 4 hours.
One of the Jewelbots this time did not light up in Friendship Mode even though I had the two sitting next to each other again just like yesterday. Yesterday they both glowed CYAN in each other’s presence. Today only one glowed. The other one did not, but would show one red light when pressed (to signify it was on).

Any idea what’s going on?


Hi Amy!

Do you have the most updated firmware uploaded on to your Jewelbots?
It should be version 1.0.4


I am using 1.0.4. If you have a special set of instructions you want me to follow to test again, I’m happy to do that. Thanks!


Hi Amy,

We do know that having the friendship lights on constantly does reduce the battery life. We have been discussing options to help with that. One option is to have the lights turn off for a certain friend after you have been around them a certain amount of time. But that might be confusing to have the light turn off. So another option is possibly dimming the lights after a period of time. Do you have any opinions while we are here?

Anyway, onto the question about the friends not showing up. I would suggest trying the following:

  1. Try charging again, make sure both are green lights (just make sure they have a pretty full battery)
  2. Take them off the charging and see if they light up as friends
  3. If not, hit the buttons on any of them that are not showing friends (verify brief red light)
  4. Then I would turn both bots off and back on. (5+ second button press, then a short press to turn back on)
  5. See if they both show friends after rebooting.
  6. If not, then try making them friends again, maybe in a different color to verify that it works. Then you could switch them back to Cyan if desired.

I am hoping that resolves the issue with the friendship color not showing up.



Thank you for this list of steps. It’s now working. I did have to reboot the one bot (out of the three we have) that was not lighting up as a friend (even though it would blink red to show it was running).

After rebooting, and then re-pairing to GREEN, they lit up as GREEN. Then I went back to CYAN, and it’s good now.



I think dimming the lights after a while makes sense. As long as they would come on again at full brightness if the friends left and then returned.


@ScottD. More information about my Jewelbot issues. I turned my bots off for the night, turned them back on the next day and once again, that one Jewelbot (Jewelbot #3, I’ll call it) does not light up to show it has a friend nearby. Whereas Jewelbot #1 is glowing all CYAN in its presence. Jewelbot #3 blinks a red light with buttonPress.

In addition, Jewelbot #1 lasted only about 45 minutes while on (constant CYAN), then it went dark and needed recharging. Jewelbot #1 had been fully charged the previous night, used a little bit (about 20 minutes) then turned off for about 22 hours (over night and during school), then on for 45 minutes until it lost power.

Do you, the developers, have to keep your Jewelbots charging almost continuously when not in use to keep battery life? Or is there an issue with my Jewelbots?