Boards wont work please help


my jewel bot will not add the boards. ive tried multiple times and multiple colors my coding is right just when i put the charm back on at the end the 4 led lights are not colored. i watched the video jewelbots-helloworld, when sara plugs in her jewelbot into the usb post to add the boards her jewelbot flashes rainbow then the light is red when i do that it flashes rainbows then the light on mine is green. can anyone help??? i really want this to work out…


Oh… that is really odd I don’t know how to help… sorry I hope that maybe Ms. Sara or Ms. Quymbee


Wait? Add the board like solo coding mode and friendship coding mode or will it not upload code. It sounds like it’s not uploading code not that the boards aren’t working.


Hmm. It sounds like you’re having trouble downloading code. In that case, make sure that you hold the magic button for two seconds before clicking the “upload” button on your computer. The Jewelbot’s lights will turn purple and then fade if you’ve done that step right. Also check that you have the correct port on your computer selected.


oh no, halstii, it sounds like you may have a broken bot. When you plug in your bot it turns green right away?