Can't Pair or Update Firmware again


I am trying to pair two JewelBots but when I press the magic button for 2 seconds nothing happens. I’ve tried different code and it worked.
Also, I tried to update the firmware again but it’s not in the Board Manager anymore.

So coding in solo mode works for both JewelBots but they can’t pair.




Hi Asia,

Try putting them both in friendship coding mode and uploading a blank sketch in Arduino.


I’m having the same problem, tried friendship coding mode and that did not work. Did it work for you?


Worked for me but now I am having trouble understanding how to send messages. :frowning:


Hi! Le’s get you sending messages.

Step 1: click the center button when you are with a friend
Step 2: your jewelbots will start circling through different friendship colors, choose the one of the friend you want to send a message to.
Step 3: click the button with as many buzzes as you want to send, long or short
Step 4: wait for your friend to receive their message!!!