Can't see the results after uploading the code and unplugging the jewelbots


Could anyone give me some advice how to fix this? Or I have done something wrong.

I uploaded the sample code successfully as the Arduino studio said “Done uploading”. I then unplugged the Jewelbots as instructed. But I could not see the results (it is supposed to show all Green lights).

The Arduino studio console displayed:
Failed to execute script main
Upgrading target on /dev/cu.usbserial-DO00K94T with DFU package /private/var/folders/l1/y6pc6k5d7q37fqn_fmq82f700000gn/T/arduino_build_547919/ Flow control is disabled.

Starting DFU upgrade of type 4, SoftDevice size: 0, bootloader size: 0, application size: 20612
Sending DFU start packet, afterwards we wait for the flash on target to be initialized before continuing.
Sending DFU init packet
Sending firmware file
DFU upgrade took 17.5882520676s
Device programmed.
Failed to execute script main

Was anyone in the same situation but managed to get it working? Please help.


What computer so you code on? If you code on a a Mac the “failed to execute script main” shouldn’t mean anything