Coding Update: New Friendship Coding!


Here’s a quick update on our exciting new friendship #coding features! :woman_technologist: #stem

Go update your Jewelbot boards now!
NEW functions available!

If you want these new functions GO UPDATE!


  • Split the “Arduino Library” boards to two separate boards, that being “Arduino Library” and “Friendship Library” boards!
  • New functions available:
  • if(see_red_friends())
  • if(see_green_friends())
  • if(see_blue_friends())
  • if(see_cyan_friends())


  • Now you can code your Jewelbots to interact with friendship color groups!

There has been A LOT of requests to be able to code specific things for specific friendship groups! Not only can you now code something like “do a rainbow animation when around green friends”, but you can also have this code running AND still have Friendship Mode functions at the same time. This meaning, rainbow animations and the ability to pair or message friends all at once!! Wild right ?!

Go to Jewelbots Getting Started page > Coding with Friends section to see more about it and sample code on how to use it!

Just to clarify, the “Arduino Library” board works the same as normal! The “Friendship Library” works the same as the “Arduino Library”, but allows for the extra ability to code with friends while having Friendship Mode functions (like pairing and messaging).


  1. Go to Menu > Preferences > Additional Boards, and replace the existing links with these three:,,
  2. Go to Tools > Board > Boards Manager
  3. Type in “j” to the search bar
  4. Install the Jewelbots Friendship Library
  5. While in Boards Manager, make sure to check and see if you have the most updated version of the “Jewelbots Firmware Update” and “Jewelbots Arduino Library” boards.
  • If you click on the boxes for these boards, it should say “Update” to automatically update you to the most recent version.