Experience with the Alpha


Ok, Izzy has been using the newest Alpha and here are some observations we have:


  • Unboxing was a great experience. It looks great, and Izzy likes the different bands.
  • She likes the plastic pouch that contains the Jewelbot.
  • The tissue paper is unneeded.


  • It reads as though it’s pretty simple. We missed selecting a color, and the one that we missed really seemed to get confused. it sat with the green color was stuck on and wouldn’t do anything. it wouldn’t even turn off. I had to press the reset button. After reset, I was able to pair it again.

When a Friend is Near:

  • The two seems to light up when near each other…though, we aren’t sure if it works consistently. It’s hard to tell. If they are close to each other for a long time, the lights all turn of…which his fine. But, we aren’t sure how to wake them up again.


  • We’ve tried this quite a bit. It takes a little while, up to 10-15 seconds for the message to arrive, which surprised us at first. We thought it wasn’t working.
  • We aren’t sure this is working consistently. It’s tough to tell. If it doesn’t work, we just try it again a few times, and eventually it works.

General Use:

  • Izzy said she doesn’t understand how to tell if it’s on or off.
  • Sometimes, we push the button on one Jewelbot and it goes into rainbow mode, and we aren’t sure why. We fool around with it for a while, trying to pair it again, and eventually, get them back syncing again.
  • We think the Jewelbots are really cool. To be honest, even with an adult, there’s a lot of playing around with them to get them to work the way we expect. We push the button and nothing happens, or they rainbow…it’s tough to know what’s wrong and we have to play around with them to try to get them paired again.
  • Izzy said that she would wear this to school every day. She feels she may sometimes need to take it of because it would get in the way.
  • The directions don’t say anything about charging. Seems that would be a pretty big thing to cover. Our came with no charge. It’s pretty easy to figure it out, but feel like there hsuold be at least something written that says how to charge and for how long.

I hope this helps!!!


Thanks for pointing out about the lighting up rainbow part!
When it turns on or off, it will light up as a rainbow to symbolize such an action.

To charge these current Alpha Jewelbots, they generally need about 3 hours to be fully charged.

All of this feedback is very helpful. Thank you so so much!


It was exciting to open the box and see them for the first time. I didn’t think to charge them before giving them to the kids. They easily got them paired. They were amazed the first time they got them to light up because of proximity. They wanted to test them to see how far away it would light up. They tested to see if doors blocked it, it didn’t seem to. They thought it was pretty cool how far away they could go.

Like someone else said, we thought the delay in message delivery made it a little confusing. They thought they noticed that the longer the message, the longer it took to deliver. They said when their were multiple messages they would all be delivered. They didn’t have to wait for one message to be delivered before sending another.

They are wondering if the messages have a limit of the number of taps they can do.

Also, they think it would be good to get some kind of signal when the battery was close to dying. It seemed like they needed to be closer to each other as the battery started to die.


Agee with twindad and the comments made were pretty much the same for us