Firmware Update: New Responsive Feature to Confirm Jewelbot is Alive and Searching for Friends!


Go update your firmware now!
NEW feature available!

The Problem
For those of you with only a single Jewelbot, there has been complaints that you are unable to tell whether the Jewelbot is alive or not! (because you don’t have a paired Jewelbot to flash Friendship Colors with)

The Update
The solution we’ve come up with for this problem is to make your Jewelbot flash a red light every time you press the Magic Button for a second! This helps you to notify when your Jewelbot is on and gives you a response feature without having to rely on being nearby another Jewelbot.

Basically - The Jewelbot flashes red once when you push the Magic Button.

Updating your firmware again after the first time is slightly different from the original steps you followed from the first time. Look how to do it here.

  1. From the Tools menu, scroll over “Board:” and then select “Boards Manager”.
  2. Type in “j” in the “Filter your search” box to quickly find the Jewelbots Boards.
  3. Click anywhere in the box for “Jewelbots Firmware Update” to display the “Remove” button.
  4. Click “yes” to remove the board.
  5. Click anywhere in the box "Jewelbots Firmware Update"to display the “Install” button again.
  6. Click “yes” to install the board.
  7. Continue to “step 11” of the “How do I update my Jewelbots’ Firmware?”.
    You will have to do this every time you want to update your firmware again. It is super important to update your firmware! It makes sure you have the least amount of bugs to encounter and the most recent features available!


Hi! The only board I see for Jewelbots in the Board Manager is Jewelbots Board 1.0. Should another board be showing up? if not, how do I update firmware with this board?



When you were installing the Jewelbots Board, did you also see one that said “Jewelbots Firmware Update” ?

It should look like this. You are supposed to install both of the boards you see here in the photo:

If you need help updating the firmware, then check out the Jewelbots Go Page to get started.
If anything confuses you, then come back here to ask for more help! Or email ! :grinning:


I hadn’t updated my firmware since before this version, but I just did and I love this feature! Even for someone who has siblings with Jewelbots, it’s useful because we’re not always in range of each other. Much appreciated!


Yea it’s good to update your firmware!
Now when the code is successfully uploaded onto your Jewelbot, it will show a rainbow animation!

I say this because I remember you saying before that you put the red light part in the setup() code to see if code was uploaded.


Yeah, the rainbow animation is cool, but the reason for the red light in setup() is so that I can be sure the correct code is downloaded. I’m a person who naturally builds in lots of double-checks and secondary plans for everything in life, and code is no exception. While I should technically be able to be sure that the correct code is on my Jewelbot because it’s the one I clicked upload on, I like having a visible marker that confirms that.



Oooh! That’s super cool to be honest, and really smart. Good job for thinking of that!