Firmware Update not showing up on Arduino


New to Jewelbots and trying to get my daughter up and running. When I add the boards to Arduino I am only having the option to install 2 boards. The firmware update is missing. I believe this is leading to several of my other problems. Anyway else experienced this? Help!

Program not running after upload

Hi! We removed the firmware update link as it was redundant, but you’re not the first person asking for it! I will be adding it back this week.

Maybe I can help you with your problems, though. What’s going on with your Jewelbots?


Thank you for the fast response. I emailed you as well about a charging issue and you have already helped me. Thanks again.


Hi…had the MKR1010 working before attempting new firmware. Ran a scan program and it worked. Checked the old firmware version and it was 1.2. Installed new beta version of BLE. Installed NINA 2.6 (latest version in library manager) and using the hourly build, followed the instructions.