Got my ambassador swag today!


I love it! I just wanted to ask what the bow and patch were for. It also looks like something was supposed to be on the back of the bow, but it fell off. Other than that, it was put together really well!



Awesome!! So glad that you got the zine!

All zines were customized to be different and unique!! Since you all have the digital version, I thought it’d be more fun to spice up the physical version. If you want just a plain physical copy of the zine, then let me know! It’s sort of explained in the note that came with your zine :slight_smile:

For the bow, some where attached to paperclips, and some were not. Sorry if the bow is not perfect since they were all handmade!!


I’d rather receive the “spiced up” physical version! Thanks!


awesome! :smiley:


I got all my stuff and it was awesome! Thanks guys!