Hardware details?


Are there details of the jewelbot hardware published ?
I’m working with an artist/researcher on some connected animated devices and am wondering whether I can build my extensions so they can be linked with jewelbots, either for remote connection or as the brain of a tiny wrist-worn robot creature.

Sorry if this is answered in the existing information pack - I haven’t got hold of an actual jewelbot yet.


Hi! What do you need to know? We are using the nRF51822 chip by nordic, you can see all the specs on their site (unless that isn’t what you are looking for).

Sounds like an interesting project!


A schematic would answer most things, but what I’m particularly after is a way to connect extra hardware - an I2C port, for instance. The nrf51822 is fine for that but only if the connections are available. A simple addition might be able to work by detecting the lights, but an electrical connection would be much more flexible.


That’s great! You can find our schmatics in our Github here: https://github.com/Jewelbots

LMK if you have questions,


Awesome !

Can’t see any way to connect to the spare I/O pins or the serial buses though, which is a shame.
Would love to see some touchpad inputs or an I2C bus available. It’s really hacker-friendly software … but some people want to hack hardware too !