Hello I am Naomi!


Hi! I am Naomi Mara, but you can just call me Naomi! I am super excited about joining the Jewelbots community! I’m not very good at coding but I hope to get better in the future! Also I love puppies! :dog:


Hello Naomi! Welcome! I’m Kora, you can call me Kora or @Cloudjumper ! It’s up to you!


Wow! What a fast response! Hello Kora!


Hi Naomi! My name is Ellie. If you have any questions, just create a help board, or ask me.


Hello Ellie! Thank you!


If you would like, I could explain more about jewelbot.


That would be awesome!!! Thank you so much!!! You don’t have to do it now though if you don’t want to, you can but I won’t see it until the morning, I am about to go get ready for bed. Thank you!!!


Okay! Tell me when you would like me too.


Any time today would be amazing! No rush though, and thank you in advance!


Also I just realized that I didn’t mention my age, (oops) I am 14 :sweat_smile:


Oh, cool! I’m twelve but I will be thirteen in January!