Hello, I'm Rachel!


Hi! I’m Rachel. My friend, Eleanor, gave me a jewelbot, and it is so cool! Eleanor and I play lacrosse together. I also am a sprinter in track. I made it to league championships for the 200! I play the flute, tenor sax, and kind of play piano. I have never really coded much, just a little when it was introduced at school. I just made my first code on my jewelbot and realized how fun it is to code. I can’t wait to make more codes!


Yay!! So happy you actually got to code!


Whoa! Man, sprinting must be fun. I’m a slow runner but I’m getting faster. I just went from a 12 min mile to 10.5. Getting there!

Welcome, Rachel! So glad you have working bots.


Hi, Rachel!


Hi! I’m @sirmewy