Hello there! I’m Prunella


Hello everyone! My name is Prunella, but everyone one just calls me princess (you can too if you would like)! I am new to coding but I think it’s really fun! And I hope to get much better at it! Oh, and also I’m 14 years old.


Hello @Prettyasaprincess my name is Kora but you can call me @Cloudjumper! Welcome!


Hello, Prunella! Welcome!


Hi @Cloudjumper and hello @elliegalloway thank you! :blush:


Hello Prunella! I am Naomi! Welcome!


Hello Naomi! Thank you!


Hi there! I am Molly! Welcome @Prettyasaprincess


Hi Molly thank you!


Hi :grinning: I am @sirmewy


Hello @sirmewy!