Hello, World! I am Alexa!


Hello, World!

My name is Alexa and I am 12 years old. I have been interested in programming for awhile. I love STEM and I love to apply it to everyday life. I have been practicing on the side of my other activities some code in classes like Girls Who Code. I have loved programming almost all of my life and I love sharing my projects with others. I joined on Christmas Day. I got my JewelBot for Christmas and I could not have been happier :grinning:! My parents ordered my JewelBot a year and a half ago, without telling me. I cannot wait to see everything JewelBots has to offer and I think all of this is really cool. I also want to be able to help if I can. In my spare time I play the cello, I read many books, and of course I code!

I cannot wait to see more of the power of JewelBots!
Thank you!


Hi Alexa!!! Welcome!!



That’s super AWESOME Alexa!!!

We can’t wait for you to share code with us! You totally should because then I could send you a surprise Jewelbot gift!! :heart:




Hello! Welcome! Im Ellie.:slight_smile: