Help! first time and it's not working!


We tried to code following the YouTube video and nada. What are we doing wrong?


Oh no! Let’s get you moving ASAP. What are you trying to do/what are you seeing?


Thank you! We were trying the initial code to get all lights red. We unplugged and nothing. We are going to try and charge (one green light is on) to see if that makes a difference


We have charged it and still nothing. The code says upload successful. We unplug and all of the lights go out. I’m wondering did we receive one that is broken??


Sorry for all of the messages but I purchased the Jewlbot for my daughter for Christmas and we are trying to program. We only see lights when it is plugged up but the code doesn’t transfer at all (not plugged nor unplugged). Any advice is much appreciated!!



Hmm… did you press the “magic button” for one second to put it in coding mode before you uploaded the code?


I did. Turned purple/rainbow. And when we unplug, nada. Sigh…


Well that’s odd… I wish I could help more but I’m still pretty new to the whole Jewelbot thing. But I am sure that someone else can! Good luck! :crossed_fingers:I’m really sorry :frowning:


Thank you for the attempt. Fingers are crossed!


Hey! Can you copy -> paste the code that you are uploading?

When you first plug in the device to charge what color is the LED?

Thanks, would love to get you on your way!


Thank you! When my daughter first plugged it in, it was rainbow color and then green. We put in the code from the website:

void setup() {
// put your setup code here, to run once:

void loop() {
// put your main code here, to run repeatedly:
LED led;
led.turn_on_single(SW, GREEN);


Oh no, then when you unplug you don’t see anything? I’m afraid you may have a broken bot. Can you email us at We will replace. So sorry!!!


Emailing you now. Thank you for the responses!


I wanted to make sure you had received my email. Thank you again for the reply!