Here are the colors I like


I love the color pink and purple.


nice! like what pink? light pink or dark pink? Can you describe it?


I like bright pink


and but raspberry pink to


this is great. We were talking about making the charm pink, but that might be too “femme”?


Ya I personally like that its blue I mean as an option for an LED color


I think its important the charm is not pink because the stuff girls get is always pink and that is what is different about Jewelbots


I’m on board with that. I think we can have a pink band, but would rather the charm be more neutral.


@sara I like that idea.


I also like that idea


Hi! Great idea, I have something that will solve your question. Here are the pink lights. I made pink lights!


I think that a very soft pink would be great and neutral. It also would look great with the bands.