Here's a Gift for Coding Your Jewelbot!


Have you coded your Jewelbot and shared it here on the forums?

The team here at Jewelbots have been very excited seeing all the different things everyone has created!! As a token of appreciation for the amazing work you’ve done, we want to send you all a surprise gift!! :tada: :tada: :tada:

You will be contacted privately for where we can send these to, so look out for your inbox!

We want everyone to hack their Jewelbot, so anyone who codes their bot now has the chance to get a surprise gift!! :smile:


@laura @louisa @glennblock @SwimmerGirl11 @CyberEclipse @MoosaderRachel @RockinRose @GoldfishGimli @HannahBanana2002 Check your inbox !!!

PS. We’d love to send gifts to everybody. If you’ve coded your Jewelbot but haven’t posted it on the forums, definitely POST YOUR CODE!!!
The team at Jewelbots LOVES to see what our community creates no matter what the project is! :smiley:


WAAAYYY AWESOMEEE!! SUPER THANKSS :ok_woman: :ok_woman: :ok_woman:



I wonder if they will be different charms! That would be really cool.


oOooOOHhH!!! I LOVE surprises!!


Dropping off the gifts in the mail tonight!

Thanks for responding for your addresses, @louisa @glennblock @SwimmerGirl11 @CyberEclipse @HannahBanana2002 and @dancingwolf !!

We still have more gifts to send out if anyone posts code now!! :smiley:

Also, anyone that hasn’t responded for their address, please do!


LOL we jut went up to Canada for vacation for a few days. It will probably be there when we get back :joy:


Have a fun trip! LOL It’ll be fun to get back with something there for you!


Hello @Quymbee are you sill giving out these? I have not posted any code yet, but if I did would I get one of these? Just wondering, if not that fine :smile:


Do we have to post new code in this time period? I have already posted code on the forums before…

Just wondering, and I am glad to be back :smile:


Hi All, this particular giveaway has been completed. But, there will be more!!


Oh, ok thank you for answering my question! :smile:


Okay thanks for letting me know!