Hi all, louise here!


Hi all, my name is Louise! I have an MS in biostatistics and I’m a statistician by day, where I work mainly in SAS to do healthcare risk analysis. I’m also very comfortable in R. By night, I’m learning to code in other languages, mainly JavaScript and Python. I’m super excited to have received my JewelBot this last week, and to start writing code for it. I’ve found that being fluent in other languages helps me in my day job work.

Excited to be here in this community and to contribute what I can. My favorite color is purple and I really like my cat. Hi!!


Hi Louise! Welcome to the jewelbots fam!


Hi Louise! Welcome! I’m looking forward to seeing what you create.


hi!!! welcome!!!


Awesomee!! Can’t wait to see what you program with the Jewelbot :smiley:


Welcome, Louise!