Hi Ambassadors, what colors do you like?


We are ordering the next batch of Jewelbots, and we’d love to know what colors you’d like to see.

We need to pick colors for both the device and the bands. What do you think?


I like BLUE!:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside::large_blue_diamond::smiley:


What do you mean by new colors? Like bands and charms?


Yup! On the bands and charms.


OH! Preferably a green charm and a purple band or vise versa, or a blue band


I’ve been dreaming of a light blue (cyan/turquoise) band since before we even knew what colors the originals would be. I could also potentially go for royal blue or dark, rich green. In terms of charm color, I think that a pale yellow would be excellent. It would go well with a lot of band colors and is a pleasing color of its own, at least to me. Purple or pale green could also been good colors for the charms.


Okay, I like where we are thinking. Here are some swatches, what do you think would look good for two bands and the charm?


For the band, I’d say definitely Island Paradise. I think that something slightly more mint green/light turquoise would be even better than the Island Paradise, which is more typical light blue. But if these are the colors that we have, I’d go with that. For the second band I would go with Kale or possibly Niagara. For the charm I would go with Primrose Yellow or Greenery.

I have a question. Will there be a way for us to buy these bands and charms when they’re made, or would we have to buy another whole Jewelbot?


Ooooh, I love that! I’m going to suggest that to the team.

Yes, I believe people will be able to order them separately, I need to confirm with our manufacturer, but I would like to be able to do that.


Okay, we are discussing a Greenery charm with Pale Dogwood and Kale as the bands.

We can’t decide if you will like that as much as we do, what do y’all think?


I was thinking like an island paradise band, and a primrose yellow as the charm, or lapis blue as the band and the pink yarrow as the charm. But I like all of them.


I like the yellow charm idea, I think we’re going to work on some renderings.


Based on the colors up above and some suggestions here are a few images of combinations of charms and bands. Let us know what your favorites are!

A. Charm - Primrose Yellow; Bands - Island Paradise & Kale (Thanks for the suggestion CyberEclipse!)

B. Charm - Greenery; Bands - Pale Dogwood & Kale

C. Charm - Pink Yarrow; Bands - Island Paradise & Lapis Blue (Thanks for the suggestion SwimmerGirl11!)

D. Charm - Greenery; Bands - Hazelnut & Pink Yarrow

E. Charm - Greenery; Bands - Lapis Blue & Pink Yarrow


WOAH… I like all of them, but do you think it might also be possible to have a different flower on the charm? And with the new round of colors, will you produce the robot charm as well?


So, to have different designs we need to buy new molds. They are big steel molds that weigh a LOT. We plan on doing that down the road, but right now we want to get as much as we can out of the ones we have. Plus, they take a long time to make, as I’m sure you can imagine.

I can’t decide which ones I like best, but I feel like they look very adult-y, what do you think? Should we look for more fun colors?


Well, mabye if you add a lilac or other type of purple. And thanks for the info on the different charm.


Ohh I just had a good moment of inspiration. What if we had a yellow charm with a white band, so it looked like a daisy? We could do it with different colored bands too.


aww that’s so cute!! I like the idea of it looking like an actual flower with the white band :open_mouth:


I like color sets A and B best. I actually really like the Greenery charm, but I’m still partial to the idea of a pale blue band.

@SwimmerGirl11 I really like the idea, but I’m also wary of the idea of a white band. It seems like it could get dirty and brown really quickly.


True. I thought of that as well.