Hi Ambassadors, what colors do you like?


OOOHHH!! What about a mint green charm and the flower would have white glitter in the middle? And the bands would be lilac and light light blue!!!


That would be my dream :rainbow::unicorn::comet::fog:Charms and bands!!!


That would be awesome!!!


Do you have any pastel color swatches? Maybe a light light light pink would be nice


I think a neon orange charm with a neon green band.



@elliegalloway Wow! That’s pretty!


WHOA, that looks SO COOL. How did you do it?


A little experiment, one of my charms got scratched. I painted it, and put glitter and glaze on it. Glade you like it! I’m happy with the results :slight_smile:


I love this idea!!!


Thanks so much


That looks really pretty! How are the results when it lights up?


I was wondering that too


It looks really pretty!!


Can you send a picture?


I will soon… Sorry I have to find it.


Hi I think it would be cool if you had neon pink band and light blue device!




I like bright colors. And something sparkly might be interesting. Sparkling, bright, and see thru. :grin::ok_hand:t6:


I like the colors in C and E