Hi! Call me Lalitha


Hi everyone! I go by Lalitha. I’m a research scientist in my mid-30s and there’s a lot of coding at work-- but I’m really new to it! Right now, I mostly use and tweak the programs that other people write.

My favorite way to be active is tai chi. As for things to eat, I’ll go with sushi, please! But pho is a close second, and I love trying new foods. My favorite shows are the Battlestar Galactica remake, RuPaul’s Drag Race, and the 1967 classic, The Prisoner. I love reading, and some of my favorite books are Catherynne Valente’s Fairyland series. There’s something so magical about them! I wish they existed when I was a kid, but they are still completely amazing to read as an adult.

I’m super excited about my Jewelbot. I want to use it as a self-care reminder! I can imagine it breathing blue to remind me to drink a glass of water, flashing red when it’s time for a stretch-my-legs break, and doing a purple-buzz combo for five minutes of mindfulness. This is important to me because I’m battling clinical depression (I’m getting lots of help for it), but I think self-care is important for everyone!


Hi Lalitha! That sounds cool!


Hi @Lalitha! Welcome!


Hey there Lalitha (/^o^)/ !!!

It’s really cool that you do science and coding work. That’s basically dreamm.
Also OoOOoohH thatd b a rlly cool way to use Jewelbot if you ever get a program for that, then share it. i’d want to upload it to my jewelbot too !!


Hi everyone! Thank you for the warm welcome.

@GoldfishGimli, I’ll definitely share the code if I get it to work! I imagine it can be modified to suit any kind of recurrent timer function. So far, I got it to breathe blue, but the timing is all off! It waited two hours, and then perhaps 15 minutes. Sometimes it breathed and sometimes it just flashed. So I have some sleuthing to do!


oh nice !! literally can’t wait. tag me in the post when you share the code!

did you get your Jewelbot recently? there’s a timer function that might help?


Lalitha, that’s so cool! I’m 18, so I wasn’t sure whether I’m in the target range for a Jewelbot, but I’ll definitely ask my parents if I can buy one!


Thanks @GoldfishGimli! That’s the function I’m trying to use. I got my Jewelbot a while ago but finally opened up the package recently! I was one of the Kickstarter backers.

Hi @zaynahshaikh11! Oh my goodness, if I can be in on the Jewelbot thing, so can you! Wouldn’t it be cool to see hip little old ladies wearing them too? …well, I think it would!


Cool! I was a kickstarter backer as well. :smile: