Hi! I'm Deanna! I'm a teacher, and I'm excited to learn. :-)


Hello! I am a computer science teacher whose passion is increasing the number of girls in CS! I am super excited to be using Jewelbots with my students in my computer science classes. Thank you for making such a great wearable!

I learned about the Jewelbots from Jennifer and Muriel of KCWIT Coding and Cupcakes, and I am now a volunteer at their Coding and Cupcakes KCWIT events, as of one event ago :grinning:

When Muriel asked me to volunteer, I bought a pack of Jewelbots for my high school girls in my CS Principles classes. I am thrilled to report that my HS girls are super excited about them and are all in!

The first week, which was this past week, the girls have been working on installing the Arduino IDE on our systems. My school district is 1-1 with Chromebooks, so we would love to be be able to use the Arduino Web Editor if possible in the future, provided the plug in can be dowloaded on the Chromebooks. We would have to try it to check maybe. The girls searched for the Jewelbots board in the Arduino Web Editor, and were not able to find it yet, so we are curious if that might be an option that is being developed.

Our student desktop PCs have Windows 7 OS, and fortunately the school district is updating to Windows 10 within the next few months, at which time I requesting they will allow the installation of the Arduino IDE for Windows 8 and 10 on the school desktop PCs.

In the meantime, the girls were hoping to use an Arduino IDE on the Raspberry Pis to code the Jewelbots. The girls soon realized that that Raspberry Pis required the Arduino IDE for Linux ARM, which, when adjusting the preferences, didn’t appear to have the option of adding the additional boards manager, stopping them from performing step 6-10 on the code set-up directions.

This weekend, I explored the option of having the Arduino IDE for 64 bit Ubuntu Linux on a bootable USB drive. The biggest issue that it that the OS running verrrrry slowly from the 3.0 USB drive, so unfortunately I don’t think that will be a functional option for the students. I did try the option of a live image, which fixes the speed problem, but upon the necessary restart (after adding the user to the dialout group), the changes don’t persist.

So, I’m back to wondering if there there might be a way to use the Web Editor IDE for Jewelbots with the students’ Chromebooks. I am open to trying other suggestions as well.

Thank you!



Hello Deanna! It’s so cool that you’re a teacher! I’m Kora! But you can call me @Cloudjumper ! Welcome!


Hello @Deanna! My name is Princess!



What a week you have had!!! I’m so sorry for all the issues you have been running into. It sounds like you’ve been really going through all the options valiantly, that must have taken a lot of time.

Unfortunately it’s up to the folks at Arduino Web Editor what boards they allow on their IDE. Want to work with me and petition the folks in charge? I’m going to look now to see what we can do.


Hi, Deanna! You seem really cool, and I agree with Kora - it’s neat that you’re a teacher! I really enjoyed reading what you’ve done to get Jewelbots going for the girls you work with. I’m a teenage girl studying computers, so I like hearing people (especially women) talk about things that they do to make computers work for them.


Yes! Definitely!


Okay, request here, hopefully we can find out more.


I posted the request! Hopefully with good results to come! :slight_smile:


@Deanna man, that was rough. I don’t see them taking and immediate action, though will look into this more. I’m examining https://codebender.cc, it seems they are more willing to add new boards. I’ve reached out to them on Twitter.


@sara Please don’t give up on the Arduino Web Editor IDE yet! The Arduino Web Editor is free, just like the downloaded Arduino IDE for Windows 10 (which I hope to use next year once our school updates the OS on the student computers). A free web editor is most usable for kids (and schools).

There were lots of positive voices encouraging getting the Jewelbot board added to the Web Editor IDE, and, as someone explained, this is how momentum gains for adding a new board!

(If you look at the forum, it wasn’t that rough, really. There was only one negative voice and all the rest were super positive! Upon examination, every negative post came from one dude: ballscrewbob. I checked him out, and as far as I can tell, he is just some dude who spends a lot of time on the forum, contributing for sure, but he’s not actually an administrator of the forum nor is he associated with Arduino in any way, as far as I can tell. He’s not a gatekeeper to the board getting added, and he has no actual authority. Please don’t let one loud, unimportant dude discourage the effort! Every other voice is encouraging and wants this to happen! :slight_smile:

I think the many constructive encouraging voices had some good suggestions. Someone suggested contacting adafruit, and maybe that might help in that their people could give some input on how they got their board added to the Arduino IDE, or maybe they themselves might even want to help! Who knows?! Another person suggested trying to get in direct contact with the Arduino IDE developers. Is their contact info out there anywhere?

I looked at CodeBender last night as an option too! The edu.codebender.cc was giving a 500 error last night, but today it is working! I say go for it, because the more options for possible IDEs the use, the better. The obstacle to overcome for teachers with CodeBender IDE as well as the Arduino Chome IDEs is the ongoing monthly subscription cost. I saw one teacher had posted that their students used the trial version, and to stay within 30-line limit, they just did not use line breaks. :slight_smile: More IDE options are better than less options, so I encourage you to go for CodeBender too! :slight_smile:

Thanks for all that you are doing, and don’t give up! :slight_smile: Let me know how I can help!


Thank you, @Deanna!!! Your encouragement is great, and you’re right. It only is that one person.

What should we do next? We can make a push for more community members to come and cheer us on by sending an email to the mailing list. Are we sure the forum is the best place?

It was so great reading all the amazing things people were saying about Jewelbots. It’s why we do this!! So encouraging.

Would your classroom benefit from a MacBook? I only have one extra one, but if it would help you with coding your Jewelbots we’d be thrilled to send it over.


Hello there @Deanna I am Molly!


Hi! Sorry for the delayed reply!

I think we should do whatever the actual Arduino Web Editor developers tell us we need to do to get the board added to the Web Editor. Do you have the contact of any of the developers, and, if so, have they given directions on what steps they require for a board to be added?

Wow! Yes, please my classroom would totally benefit from a MacBook for the girls to use for programing the Jewelbots. Thank you so much for offering! Right now, I am bringing in my personal MacBook, and it works great, but that means multiple girls are coding their Jewelbots using one MacBook, which doesn’t scale well. An additional MacBook would definitely be appreciated. Thank you!

I have happy updates:

A girl currently in my class downloaded the IDE at home so she could start coding with the Jewelbot at home, and her twin sister stopped by to get her own Jewelbots so she could code at home too with her sister. She will be taking my into-level CS class next year! Yay!

Two girls in my class that have been working with the Jewelbots were super excited that I had a Jewelbot for their friend who is not in my CS class (yet!). The three girls are now coming after school code their Jewelbots together. Yay! This friend will be taking my CS class next year too! :smiley:

I am super excited how the girls are engaging their friends in coding with the Jewelbots. All of these HS girls are working on mastering coding the Jewelbots for fun and also with the goal of leading a girls coding club for girls in elementary and middle school within my school district next school year!

Thank you!


Those are amazing updates (sorry for my delayed reply!)

I don’t have the contact of the developers. The best I can find is that thread and it looks like things have dropped off.

Your updates are AWESOME!!! I’m going to see if we can rustle up more than one laptop. Stay tuned.

I’m mailing out a bunch of stickers and things this week. Would you like some? Want to DM me your address? Would love to send some over.


Okay, update from the front lines:

I have asked around and gotten a few ways to directly contact the team behind the create editor. So, I’m working on a few of those in the background. The MacBook and stickers will be sent out Monday, I’ve tried to get some more laptops and no bites yet, but not giving up.

Thanks for all your help and kind words trying to make this happen, will keep you posted as this continues!


Hey @Deanna !

There’s a Jewelbots teacher Facebook group, if you’d like to join! :smiley: