Hi! I'm Jules from NY!


Hey, everyone! It’s nice to e-meet you. My name is Jules and I’m super psyched to be a Jewelbots Ambassador!

I run a blog called teenfeminist.com, where I post my thoughts about current events and issues from a feminist lens (also that of a teenager). Through my blog, I started an email listserv called Teen FemiList, which is for 13-19-year-old feminists to discuss current events, mentor each other, and create cool projects. You can sign up here if you want! (The membership fee is a $10 donation to a nonprofit, but there’s a scholarship if you can’t pay that, so no worries).

I’m 16 and I live in Brooklyn, NY.

I also work for the UN Foundation organization, Girl Up, which is dedicated to helping girls in developing countries get educations.

I believe that girls are the future! Oh, and I love avocados. :grinning:


Hi Jules!!! Welcome!! We’d love to include Teen Feminist in our next newsletter, if that’s okay (I just went to apply, but I’m not a teen so I will share with the teens I know).


Wow !!

Super welcome Julie. It sounds incredible that you are working on all of this.
The Jewelbots squad is glad to have you !!