Hi, My name is AnDrew Parker but i liked to be called David


Hello I’m from around the Atlanta Area and lived there pretty much my whole live(21 years old). I have a daughter of almost 2 years old, she will be in Dec 22. I consider myself a front end Designer dealing with mostly JavaScript(because I’m a JavaScript fanboy and proud of it) but when i saw Jewelbots on the stage at All Things Open 2017 I knew i had to get in on it because I Love playing with new Tech. I was one of the lucky ones to be able to get a free Jewelbots just by becoming Sera friend on stage and I hope to buy a second Jewel Bots before the ATO is over too. I look forward to getting to know everyone on the forms and help contribute too.

Is there anything that anyone recommends doing when first get a Jewelbots? like the best way of learning the Jewelbots Lib?


Hello David! I’m @Cloudjumper but my name is Kora! Welcome to the ambassador family! :smiley:


Hey! Great meeting in person today, looking forward to talking more. Hope the rest of the conference was good for you!


@sara it was great seeing you too in person and thank you for helping me with my JewelBot too,I didn’t really see anything i liked so i spent the rest of the my time learning Jewels.