Hi there! I'm Cy


Hello, my fellow Jewelbot users!

You can call me Cy or Cyber. (I’m not comfortable sharing my real name. :slight_smile: ) I’m a high school aged girl (though I’m homeschooled), and I love programming and computers in general. I’m learning programming several different ways - Python with functionalities and graphics, Jewelbots with lights and buzzing, and Sphero (a spherical robot) with movement and lights. Aside from that, I’m mostly focusing on computer security. I’d love to do security as a job when I’m older, and I’m working towards my first certification now. Doing computer stuff makes me feel accomplished in a way that I love.

My life doesn’t only revolve around computers, though. I read avidly (both fiction and non-fiction), both listen to and make music, dance, cook, and play games. I also feel very strongly about many issues in the world, and I’m trying to fight harder for what I believe in.

So that’s an extremely abbreviated summary of me. You can ask questions if you want to know more, because there’s a lot to me! I hope to see you around the community.


Hi Cy!!! I was homeschooled, as well. Hello, homeschooled pal!

What are your favorite kind of books to read?


Oooh super curious about the “issues in the world” and fighting for them part!
What kind of issues?

Maybe we can collab together for it :raising_hand: :raising_hand: :raising_hand:


What’s computer security? Like passwords and stuff?


@sara Really? That’s so cool!

My favorite books are usually my favorite because they have well-done characters. Good characters are fantastic. I also like funny writing. Just because it’s a serious topic (non-fiction) or serious setting (fiction) doesn’t mean a book can’t be funny. Witty quips are the best.

@GoldfishGimli Women’s rights, LGBT+ rights, pretty much anything that is related to a general plan of “treat everybody well”. I don’t understand why so many people find it so easy to hate those who are different from them, and I want to reduce the hatred in the world.

@CuteCucumber13 Computer security in the sense that I’m talking about it is keeping computers secure, mainly from hacking and other such things. I’m especially interested in pentesting, which is basically where people pay you to try to hack their websites/computers/etc and then tell them about any weaknesses you find.


Thanks for explaining :heart: :koala:
Pentesting sounds super cool !! It’s kind of like video game testers or something, which sounds like lots of fun :smiley:



Deff couldn’t agree more on the “treat everybody well”. I wonder if there’s like an encompassing word for like it all ?? Equality for everyone ftw :raised_hands:

Spread the loooveeeee~~ //:heart://


@CuteCucumber13 My dad actually compares cybersecurity to a video game sometimes - a worldwide, real life video game where you’re competing against other countries. xD

@GoldfishGimli Exactly! Equality and kindness for all!