Hoi people. I am Eleanor


I have been in love with the prospect of jewelbots since it was out on kickstarter because my uncle, who is a programmer, showed them to me after I did a coding camp and an engenerring camp. (I have forgotten nearly everything about that camp though :joy:) I was waiting it for about a year and a half. (Seriosly! my mom ordered it as a christmas present during november of LAST YEAR) I am a competetive swimmer, and that takes up a lot f my time as well as school and homework. I also play the cello and have a pet rabbit so yeah. I am also 12. I just realized I forgot to mention that


Yea! Jewelbots did take awhile to come, right ???
But they are SUPER cool either way, so Iโ€™m happy to finally get mine :joy:

You have a pet rabbit? Thatโ€™s CUUUTE !!! What is his/her name? :smiley: !! You should share pictures hahaahaa


I second notion on having cat pictures posted!! :smiley:


I LOVE pets! I have some pets too.


I have a picture of me holding my rabbit in the zine. LOL


the zine was awesomemeeee
your rabbit was so cute haha


Thanks! And also, her name is Butterscotch


Nice to meet chu :joy: