How to Become an Ambassador!


If we signed up to be an ambassador, do we get an email or notification if we officially are an ambassador? I just signed up but I’m not sure if I got it! :sweat_smile:


Hi Hero! It looks like you are an Ambassador, congratulations!


Thank you! :grin:


Congratulations! Fellow ambassader @Hero22 :relaxed:


Do you guys have to approve me to be an ambassador?


No, it looks like you already are! :smiley::smiley::smiley:


Really! It worked!


Yay! I’m glad you are an ambassador too!


Yay! How long have you been an ambassador?


Since this August, so not too long


What can you do when your an ambassador?


All kinds of things, you are the first to know about special sales and new bands and charms, you get to post and read all kinds of cool code and you might receive cool gifts in the mail for doing so! And I’m sure that there is lots more that I didn’t mention, and the longer your an active ambassador the more stuff you can do!


Thank you! Is it ok if I ask another question?


Sure! Go right ahead!


On jewelbot, how do you become a regular?


You will become a regular once you have been an active community member for a few months, two or three I think. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh, okay. Thank you so much for all your help and for liking all my boards.


No problem! Happy I could help!


hi i dont know and am still trying to figure out the whole coding and how to turn it on so am i an ambassador? thanks


It looks like you are an ambassador! (Yay!)