How-to for loops incorrect


I was making a program with a loop today (you’ll see that program come to the forums soon) and spent fifteen minutes or so banging my head against the wall trying to figure out why I was getting an error. After combing through some old forum posts, I finally figured out that the instructions on the Getting Started page aren’t right (anymore, at least). It tells you to put a comma where there needs to be a semicolon.

I’ve put images in this post to show the issue. The first one is the instructions on Getting Started. The second one is a loop that I wrote to show what it should be. (I’m pretty sure that the LED commands within the loop in the first picture are also out of date, but I’m focusing on the loops right now.)


THANK YOU!! Will update today, I have a few things to add to the documentation.


Again, thank you for pointing this out !!!
We are doing a major website makeover, so be excited :heart: :heart:

it should be like:

for(int a = 2; a <= 20; a++){
   led.flash_single(NE, ORANGE, 1000);

in case more than just the loop part was giving you errors!