I made lilac lights!


:purple_heart:I was looking at a post, And lots of people like lilac. How fun would that be to have lilac lights! I was so excited to do this one. I love making it easier for other jewelbot lovers! Soโ€ฆ I had to try this one out. Please leave a link if you use this in a program. If you have a color suggestion feel free to leave a comment!:information_desk_person::octopus::tulip::grapes: Hereโ€™s the link :arrow_down_small:
void loop() {
LED led;
led.turn_on_single(SW, MAGENTA);
led.turn_on_single(SW, WHITE);


This is SO COOL.


Thank you!


Cool! I guess I didnโ€™t realize you could turn more than one color light on at a time! I totally have to try that!


It is so much fun.


Lilac is such a pretty color!! :two_hearts: :two_hearts:
This is such a cool idea for the LEDs :smiley: