Idea for Future Code


Hey guys, I have not posted much code recently, but I just had an idea. I’m not sure when exactly I will be able to code this because I’m not sure if the board has the capability yet. I remember that with the alpha, somebody talked about how they paired thier jewelbot with thier social media and got a buzz or flash whenever somebody liked a post, and I thought that would be cool if you got a like on twitter that it would flash blue, and for insta flash pink or red. It’s just an idea for the future and I was hoping to get more info on when we may be able to pair our Jewelbots with apps and stuff like that so yea.


Yes, this is a very important feature and I’m going to let you in on some timeline things. We haven’t announced it yet, but the iOS app will be available next week. This will allow you to have your Jewelbots talk to the internet. After that, this is one of the first things we are working on, as we think it will be so much fun to have as part of your Jewelbots.

Will keep you posted, that ability should come soon.






What day next week?


It’s up to the app store!

The first version of the app is fairly bare bones, it’s instructions and you have the ability to see the friends that are connected to your bot by pairing with the app.

We’re going to be adding features, though. Excited about that.


I can’t find it…are you sure it’s there? I’m really excited, even if it’s a super simple app.


It’s not there yet, sorry. I mean it’s up to the app store what day it comes out. It’s in review right now :).


Oh, got it, whoops. settles back to be patient



HALLELUJAH I’m so exited!!


I’m having a bit of trouble pairing my phone and my jewelbot. It showed up and looked like it connected, but then the bot just went white and then flashed red twice. I tried before that and it connected, then stalled. I went back and now it just flashes white and then blinks red


Then on screen it showed up twice and when I selected it, it didn’t connect. I tried again and this time only one showed up, same thing. Now when it is in pairing mode, it dosent show up on the screen and just flashes white and stops. Am I doing it wrong. I also have not paired with any friends yet because I have not had a chance.


Is it possible to make a video showing how to pair it with a phone?


Wait! Oh man. So, the wrong version went up today and I updated it and the right version should be up tomorrow! I should have said something here but was hoping no one would notice :slight_smile:

The nex version should be up in the next 24 and I think it will be easier to understand. If you can let me know it would be great. You’ll be the first ones using it as we are going to wait to announce until we are sure it’s easy to use and working correctly.

Thanks for your help/feedback!!


Oh ok! That makes more sense. Thanks!


OY HOORAY! I’m going to have to wait to try it until tomorrow, because I was incredibly busy today, but yay! I’m so happy.


correct version still waiting for review. Will post here when it is up.


Still waiting!!


it’s out!!! You may need to update. Let me know how it goes!