If your jewelbot WILL take code but won't turn on


I have had this problem and I figured it out when I went to a hackathon for jewelbots and it all unfolded. I realized that I was using the wrong PORT. If you go to Arduino and you go into the tool bar you will see right below the modes it will say Port. When you click the Port button you will see the COMs and something else that I am not really sure what. after you do that and upload the code you will see that it will flash rainbow and when you unplug it (Don’t forget to turn it on) you should see the jewelbot doing the thing that the code is telling it to do! If this helped let me know in the comments! (Or ask Sara because she helped me at the hackathon!)


Side note, you can use most COM ports, like COM4 COM3 etc.


Thanks! I will add that!


Yea! Your port is just the name of where you plug in your USB cord.

The Arduino IDE reads that there is something plugged into your USB port and assigns it a random name like COM3.
However, when you plug in a NEW or different Jewelbot, the USB port changes the name of that plug, even if you plug it into the same one.