Important checklist to go through before a Jewelbots event/class


Hi We compiled this checklist with help from our educator community. Please add on to the thread if there are other important ones we’ve missed!

  1. The day before and event (preferably two days before) we send an email asking attendees to follow steps 1-3 on the Jewelbots setup page. Or, at the very least, download the Arduino IDE. This saves a lot of time in the beginning, and is especially helpful if you have iffy wifi. Regardless, people will show up on the day of without having downloaded the IDE, but if a lot of them can do it before hand that’s great.

  2. Unfortunately, you can’t yet use a Chromebook to program Jewelbots. Since you can’t download programs onto a Chromebook you can’t download the IDE. We are working on partnering with an online Arduino IDE in order to do this but this is still in the works. Letting people know about this beforehand is good. We try to have a few spare laptops the day of just in case.

  3. Usually either before we get started or during a break we encourage the kids to pair their bots and spend some time messaging. They love this and usually go nuts. If you decide to do this during the break, make sure to first upload a blank sketch using the “Friendship Board”. If they have other code on the devices and pair it can be confusing (if I turn the red LEDs on, then pair with a red friend… etc).

  4. Make sure to have a safety pin! Sometimes kids put their Jewelbots in coding mode and forget, so it seems like their Jewelbots aren’t reacting. Coding mode lasts for two minutes if you don’t upload a sketch during that time (if you upload a sketch you’re out of coding mode). There is a reset on the side of the device that will get you going that can be hit by a safety pin. I always forget the safety pin and have to use my earring.

  5. kids.are.great. you already know that, just reiterating. I have found that some kids really need handholding, and some get inspired and just start hacking. Just like adults. I hope you walk away enriched like we do every time.

  6. Make sure to charge the Jewelbots before your event, and have a few spares on hand.

  7. Laptop requirements - must be able to install software(sometimes parents bring work laptops they don’t have admin creds to), must be able to connect to wifi, must have a usb port or bring a dongle for usb port.

  8. We now start our sessions with a pairing and messaging demo - it helps break the ice with the girls and sets the context for coding the jewelbots with events like pressing the magic button.