In Case You Missed it: Zine Issue No 1!


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Here’s a taste of our exclusive ambassadors content that we send each month! Below, you can click to check out volume 1 of the Jewelbots Zine. If you’d like to get more Jewelbots Zines, then become a part of the Ambassador squad today!! Check out this forum post here on how to do that. Not only will you get cool content like the Jewelbots Zine, but also exclusive deals and opportunities.

The 2nd volume of the Jewelbot Zine will be coming out in February. Don’t miss out on it, by signing up now!

Click here to check out Zine Vol 1 !

Although the zine is supposed to be exclusive to Ambassadors, we’d like to share the first zine publicly in order to let non-Ambassadors see what cool things are in store for them if they sign up!