Interviewing with Expedia (insert plane emoji here)


I’m a GWC alum who recently applied to Expedia’s Developer Apprentice summer program. I made it through to the interview round, where the recruiter said that the candidates would be asked both behavioral and problem-solving questions. I’ll be able to interview with two different teams, both with a manager and mentor.
What should I expect? As a college freshman, this is my first experience interviewing with a tech company.

Any advice would be helpful!!!


Wow! What a great opportunity!

It sounds like they may walk you through some white-boarding scenarios. These can be really fun as they just want to know how you approach problems.

I would say that (as hard as it is), try to be relaxed and don’t be afraid to ask for clarification if you don’t understand something.

Do you know the responsibilities the position will have? This may help in figuring out what type of questions you will be asked.


Job Description – Developer Apprentice
As a Developer Apprentice, you will work closely with other members of the team to build out and maintain Expedia sites and features, on a variety of platforms. You will have the opportunity to gain real-world work experience while developing your programming skills and exploring new career paths.
In this position you will be exposed to a wide range of software development processes and cutting-edge technologies and roles, and gain a better understanding of the travel industry.
Bring your creativity, communication skills, technical abilities, and desire to learn, and join us as we solidify our position as the leaders in travel.

• Work closely with engineering, product, and design teams to enhance and maintain Expedia sites and tools
• Learn and utilize new languages beyond what you already know
• Make contributions to the common codebase
• Participate in daily standups and weekly demos to showcase your work

^^ I copied and pasted that from a website. It starts on the 26th of June, but I can’t attend for all 8 weeks, because I know school will start before it ends. How do I tell the recruiter this? I really want this position, but I don’t want to get rejected because of this :frowning:

The recruiter said we wouldn’t be writing code.


This sounds like a cool opportunity!

For me personally, I would do some research about the company. I mean Expedia is pretty well known, but just kind of go through the site’s user process. Go through all the tabs and pages. Look for what they do well and what they don’t. This way, if they ask you any creative questions like “What do you think can be improved on” or “What do you like about us”, you’ll already have some ideas.

If you won’t be writing any code, then make sure you know the principles of coding; like if you were to teach to a class, would you know how to explain a function or a class object. This way, if they ask you to read something, you’ll have quicker understanding. For instance, they can show you a system, and be like “whats the code logic behind this” or “how would you change it”. If you’re working in groups, then showing team work is important. Showing off your skills is great and all, but boasting and being self-centered isn’t attractive. Using your skills to help and work with others in groups stands out more than you might thing the one-man-show does. Collaborate solutions and ideas with people, while taking a leading stance.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Even if you think it might make you look silly or dumb, asking questions shows that you are inquisitive, curious, and motivated to learn. It’s an apprenticeship, so it’s assumed you don’t know as much as them. A person who pretends to know what they’re doing is worse than someone who seeks to learn how to do something.

Being honest is good. It shows what kind of work ethnic you have. If you can’t stay the whole time, then just tell them. However, I’d say it at the end if you think you did well. If you didn’t think you did well (which I’m sure you will!), then maybe when they call or email you for your acceptance, say “Great, but…”


This is great advice from Quymbee.


It’s funny that you say that, Quymbee, because the application they had us fill out asked us to use the app and give feedback on how it was and what we would add. Regarding my availability, my professors told me not to say anything about it until I potentially received an offer. I’ll make sure to review important principles and ask lots of questions!




You have some great minds over at Jewelbots! :wink:


Thank you!!! They are awesome!!