Jewelbot contest


Hey, I did not know where to put this lol :joy: but I thought maybe we could hold contest on the forums for fun! For example: a lot of ppl are on mid winter break so we could have a contest like program your jewelbot of what reminds you of break or where ever you live. And then the jewelbots community could vote on the ones they like best! And the top three get featured in the jewelbots zine :grinning:
I think it would be really fun and a cool way to find more things to do with jewelbots :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Oh, I love this!!! It’s not too late. Maybe we can do it for spring break?

Maybe even, “code your jewelbot like the weather where you are” or something like that?


@sara Yes!!! It would be so fun!

Also when does the next Zine come out?


The digital zine should be out by tomorrow hopefully! It’s finished, but we’re just finalizing some things.
The physical version will be out a bit late.