Jewelbot is charged but doesn't turn on?


Hi, I’m Addison. My dad and mom gave me 2 Jewelbots for my birthday. I plugged in both to charge them. One is had a red light and is charging. The other one has a green light, which means it is supposed to be fully charged. But when I unplug it and press the Magic button nothing happens. What’s wrong? Thank you for your help!



Update: We tried holding the Magic button for 5 sec, and it lit up as if it were turning on. Seemed like it just needed to reset or something before initial start up. Another push and hold resulted in one quick red light, then it seemed to turn off. After another try it stopped working.


Hi Addy,

Ok, after you were able to restart the second bot, are you able to hold it for 2 seconds and get it into pairing mode?


Hi Brooke! This is James, Addy’s father. Addy has 2 sisters, and one of them is named, Brooke, too.
The troubled Jewelbot doesn’t turn on anymore. We had left it charging even though it had a green light. Now when we unplug it and press the Magic button nothing happens.


Hi! Ok, let’s get you a replacement bot. Can you send an email to We will ship one out to you.



OK, thank you, Brooke! James (dad)