Jewelbot Library installed but unknown


Hello, I am trying to run the sample code and I get the following error message:

Board nRF51822 (platform nRF51822, package Jewelbots_Arduino_Library) is unknown

Error compiling for board Solo Coding Mode.

Is there a specific “Programmer Mode” we are to select from the tools?


Hi! Often this error means that you don’t have the correct board selected on the “boards” menu. Have you selected “Solo Coding” from “Tools” -> Boards?


I have.
Now it seems as though the two new ones, I just purchased, and the one that I had, are no longer responsive.
What is the programmer mode?
Arduino gemma? Isp. I am not sure what the default is.


Hi! It sounds like you may benefit from phone support or a Google Hangout. Is there a good time for either of those? Happy to walk you through.

By no longer responsive, do you mean nothing is lighting up? If that is the case, there is a reset button on the side that can be activated with a pin.