Jewelbot not sending messages


Hello, I have two Jewelbots. I have paired them (as is verified by the fact they are flashing the same color when near). I am unable to send messages though. I have updated the firmware.

Here is what happens. I turn them both on, they are sitting next to each other. Both are blinking all 4 lights the same light blue color. I click the magic button on one and it just stops blinking all together. Sometimes it starts blinking one at a time and so I push the button and then it stops. Never does the other one vibrate.

What am I doing wrong?
Thank you!


Hi @lucyjumpingrope !

So, it sounds like they may not be paired, because they should be a solid color when they are. Not flashing.

To pair them, hold down the magic button for two seconds and then choose a friendship color.

To message, after they are paired, hit the magic button once to put it in messaging mode. Then pair.

Make sure they are the same friendship color in order to send a message.


I was having a similar issue. Right after I had successfully uploaded the firmware and paired the devices for the first time, I tried to send a message and it didn’t get through, even though (as far as I could tell) the lights were doing the right thing. Eventually I decided to test the pairing by taking one of the jewelbots to the other end of the house and bringing it back “in range” to make sure they lit up correctly when they got close together. After I brought them back together the messages sent correctly. Maybe a bug with the firmware or maybe it just took a few minutes for things to work correctly?


I found that the messages seemed to lose the first press. I’ve suggested my girls operate them by:

  1. Wait for the colour to show up (all 4 LEDs all light up in their friendship colour).
  2. Short-press the magic button to put the Jewelbot into messaging mode.
  3. Short-press the magic button again to say “I want to send a message”.
  4. Do your long-presses/short-presses
  5. Wait for a few seconds for the message to be dispatched (all 4 LEDs light up in friendship colour again).
  6. Done!



This protocol worked for me! Need that extra short press.