Key Guide to Jewelbot Modes



This is when your Jewelbot is being powered up!

How to Enter Mode:

Plug your Jewelbot into a power source with a high quality micro USB

What the Mode Looks Like:

When your Jewelbot is low on battery, it will shine one red LED.
If it has full battery, it will shine one green LED.


If your Jewelbot is having issues charging, try these possible solutions:

  • Press the Magic Button briefly to make sure your Jewelbot is not in Sleep Mode. Your Jewelbot has to be on in order for it to show notification that it is charging.
  • Make sure you are using a high quality micro USB; preferably the one we sent with your original package!
  • Try connecting your Jewelbot to a high quality power source, such as directly to your computer rather than a external USB hub.
  • Try removing other USB accessories from your computer, and only having the Jewelbot plugged in.


This is when your Jewelbot is off.

How to Enter Mode:

Press and hold the Magic Button for 5 full seconds (1 mississippi…).

How the Mode Looks Like:

It will have the rainbow animation that fades out. Then it will have no LEDs on, nor respond to being near friends or sent messages.


Your Jewelbot cannot go to sleep or turn off when connected to a power source. If you try to press the Magic Button for more than 2 seconds while plugged in, your Jewelbot will go into Upload Mode.


This is when your Jewelbot is in its original feature settings from before any coding happens.

How to Enter Mode:
Assuming you went through the “How to Update Firmware” and “How to Code” instructions from the [“Getting Started”] ( Jewelbots Page.

Select Firmware Update Jewelbots Board on your Arduino IDE.
Open new empty sketch.
Press your Jewelbot for 2 full seconds.
Hit the upload button.

What the Mode Looks Like:

This mode does not show whatever code you place on your Jewelbot.


Your Jewelbot can use Pairing Mode and Messaging Mode when in this mode.


This is the mode that helps you pair your Jewelbot with a friend’s Jewelbot!

How to Enter Mode:

Press and hold the Magic Button for 2 full seconds (1 mississippi…).

What the Mode Looks Like:

All four LEDs will flash white.
Once near another Jewelbot in Pairing Mode, it will start cycling between 4 colors.


It will time out after about a minute if the Jewelbot cannot find a friend to pair with or did not have a color selected when cycling 4 colors.


This is the mode that lets you message friends you paired with through vibration taps!

How to Enter Mode:

Press the Magic Button (for like one second).

What the Mode Looks Like:

Your Jewelbot will cycling between 1 to 4 colors, depending on how many paired friends are nearby you.


There might be a delay in how the message is being sent sometimes or messages might have trouble being sent at all due to the wireless connection.


This is the mode that allows you to upload code onto your Jewelbot. When in this mode, your Jewelbot is able to accept the code given to it from the Arduino IDE.

How to Enter Mode:

Plug in your Jewelbot to a computer via the micro USB cord.
Press and hold the Magic Button for 2 full seconds or more (1 mississippi…)

What the Mode Looks Like:

If your firmware is updated: four purple LEDs will glow and then fade.
If not, then: it will show the red/green charging notification light fade out.


You HAVE to be in this mode before hitting the upload button the Arduino IDE or else you won’t be able to enter Coding Mode.


This is the mode to describe your Jewelbot running the physical actual code you have uploaded onto it from the Arduino IDE.

For instance, if you uploaded the sample code from the “Getting Started” Jewelbots page, it has one LED on the Jewelbot light up blue. The act of your Jewelbot having that LED on is it being in Coding Mode.

How to Enter Mode:

Upload code to your Jewelbot.

What the Mode Looks Like:

Whatever you code it to look like!


Careful how long you set LED times to be! If you set it for 650,000 milliseconds, that’s about 11 minutes! Your Jewelbot will be unresponsive until your code times out!





Hi may I suggest a legend where all colour sequences are listed? e.g. I can’t find what the mode with 4 green lights means.


How do I exit the pairing mode? For my daughters sometimes press for more than two seconds and then they need to wait for a minute and typically will stop playing with it.



Hi !

For the color sequences, you can check out the topic My Jewelbot is doing X. What doe sit mean? That might help you figure out what some of the lights mean.

However, for the all 4 green lights, I’m guessing you paired with your daughter using the color green? There’s no functional meaning for all 4 green lights, unless it was paired with that color or you programmed it that way.

To exit pairing mode, you just press the Magic Button once again.