Need BETA Testers


Hello! We are testing out new science kits for the holidays. We need four more testers. We already have @elliegalloway and @whitneyhodge signed up (whitney never got her ambassador kit, so she’s automatically in the beta).

These are free, and they are for making your own neon signs.

If you are in the BETA you need to promise you will tell us what you think, show us what you make, and tell us how we can make it better. Deal? LMK in the comments.


Ooh! Yes please! I promise I will! :heart:


okay, you’re in!


Yay! Thank you! :smiley:


Can I be a beta tester? I promise I will. :smile:


Since it’s a Christmas project, maybe it could be a snow man or a ginger bread house? Candy canes are a good one to. :evergreen_tree::christmas_tree::gift:


My 10 year old daughter would always be happy to help!


Happy to help if you need another tester!


We’ll be happy to help!


You’re in!

@bff215, @krizb2, @oddery, We’re full up add you to the BETA list, you’ll get more info soon!


Addison (10) would love to test the kit. Do you still need testers?


We don’t but we do need people in the BETA, would Addison like to be included on the list?


Sure! Sign her up. James


I love it! I’m half way done and I’m very happy with the results. The only problem I’m having is the washi tape keeps falling apart. I would suggest using a stronger washi tape.


That’s great feedback. I didn’t use this particular washi tape so hearing that it’s not working is super helpful. Can’t wait to see the results!!


I’d like to be a BETA tester!