New ambassador made animation released!


@elliegalloway and I worked this weekend on a new animation! Ellie came up with the idea, it’s called “Bouncing Ball”. Ellie can speak more to her inspiration but it takes an Ocean colored bot and randomly moves a Magenta LED around the circle!

We made a video of it and will be sharing the process of writing your own animation to be distributed to the Jewelbots community.

You can use it by updating your board (going to Board Manager, clicking on the Jewelbots friendship and solo boards and choosing the 1.2.1 and 1.1.5 versions. Then to call the function you can use:

Animation animation;

That’s it! Also, the random function is on both boards and can be used like this:
rand_value = get_random_int(1,4);
//rand_value will equal a random integer between 1 and 4


Thank you!!! This is great. One question, do I do Animation or LED?


Ellie, thank you for the edit!!! It’s animation!! Fixing the code.


One more thing, in the website, it is the breathe animation, not the bouncing ball.


I SAW THAT TOO. Updated. Fixed on your end?


Yep!!! Thank you!