New Ideas for Style


“Hey Ambassadors: What Colors do you Like?” In this post it talks about some of the future customized colors and types of JewelBots and it also mentions new band colors, new molds, and things like that and I have some recommendations and feedback for making these.

  1. I really like all of the color combinations, they look beautiful, but I also think that people should be able to create their own color combos. I am not sure if you already have this, but you could sell bands and charms in set of 3 or 5 so you could interchange them. I still think that making the combos is useful though since when you start out and buy your JewelBot it should come like that, so I am not saying stop the combinations, but just also give other options to mix and match.
  2. I also have always found quizzes particularly fun if they are personality quizzes. Maybe you could create a quiz for people to take to get their personality matched with a band and charm? I think that would be very cool.
  3. As said in the link so I will only briefly touch on it, I think that in the future maybe having patterns on the charms and bands (stripes, zig-zags), and also making new designs will be very cool and interesting.

Overall, I love the progress that is being made with JewelBots because I think that they are sooooooo awesome, and I cannot wait to see more. Thank you!

*Also I would like to say that these are only suggestions, and please do not take them the wrong way, I love my JewelBots so much and I think it is made very nicely!


These are brilliant ideas. I especially like the “which charm are you?” quiz.

These are all on our road map(except for the quiz, but it is now!). Stay tuned!!

Thank you for the kind words, too!!! <3<3<3


This would be cool! Not that Jewelbots aren’t all ready. But it would be nice