News on Zine No. 2



I’m so excited to share the next zine with everyone! It’s been finished and has a lot of awesome stuff in it. However, there is a slight delay in how we can share it with everyone. There’s a lot more Ambassadors and people who wanted to receive a zine, so we are trying to use a professional printing place. We want to bring better zine quality to you!

I estimate that the digital copy will come very early March and the physical copy will ship soon after.
We’re still new at this, so thank you for everyone’s patience :smiley:


aw can’t wait for it to come out !! :blush:


Will the zine be distributed just to Ambassadors? Or will everyone get a digital copy?


Ambassadors get the digital zine.

However, we are opening a zine subscription to the public since we want to spread the girl STEM power to everyone! With the zine subscription, other people can pay to receive the digital or physical copy.
More information about it will come out once we have everything set up!

We will still be offering lots of exclusives to Ambassadors and they get special features in the zine :slight_smile:


I still have not gotten Zine No. 1. What should I do @Quymbee?



That’s super weird. I remember sending one to you! It was sent a month ago and should have arrived by now. Did you provide the correct address in your profile?


I am really exited for it to come! Will it be emailed like the first one was?


@Alexab33 @Quymbee

I didn’t receive the the physical copy either.



I don’t know how I missed sending you one! Especially since you were one of the people interviewed :cold_sweat:
Sorry, I had to print and hand cut all the zines myself (which is why we’re looking into professional printing!).

I will have one sent out to you today! :smiley:


The digital copy will be sent out via email again!
However, I’m looking into how to make a private zine forum category for Ambassador eyes only, where I can post the digital copies there too! :sunglasses: