Pairing Function FAQs


How do I know when my Jewelbot is in pairing mode?
Your device will flash white on all 4 LEDs if in pairing mode. If another device is detected nearby to also be in pairing mode, then both devices will start cycling in between 4 colors. If there are no other Jewelbots around to pair with, hit the magic button again to turn off pairing mode.

Why is my Jewelbot not able to pair correctly with another Jewelbot?

First, have you updated the firmware? If not, please do. The latest firmware has much better support for pairing.

When you press the magic button of your Jewelbots, it should flash white. If your device detects another Jewelbot in pairing mode nearby, then both will rotate between 4 colors. Pick an LED color to match the two Jewelbots by (it’s okay if they are not chosen in sync). You press the magic button to choose the color. Now when the two Jewelbots are close to each other, they will always blink in that color. When they move apart, it should stop blinking that color.

If you feel that you have paired them incorrectly, try repeating the pairing steps.

Do I need to have matching friendship colors with the Jewelbot I want to pair with?
Yes. Friendship features work based around color friend groups.

How far away can Jewelbots be from each other?
The Jewelbot is able to detect a friend within 30 - 50 feet from each other depending on surroundings. However, pairing must be done when the Jewelbots are within 2 feet of each other. Messaging mode requires a strong connection and works best the closer the Jewelbots are to each other.